As the first world-class wine and spirits exhibition in Shenzhen, China’s Greater Bay Area, Wine to Asia is jointly organized by Veronafiere, the organizer of Vinitaly and Shenzhen Pacco Culture Communication.


Wine to Asia positions as an innovative and professional platform for worldwide exhibitors and Chinese buyers. In 2022, Wine to Asia will move to Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center located and as one of the landmark buildings at Shenzhen CBD, from 7 to 9 May, creating an event that the international wine and spirits industry can’t miss.



Update Your Positioning To Meet New Trends And Key Market Needs

8 National And Regional Pavilions

In 2022, Wine to Asia will bring together nearly 450 exhibitors from more than 20 countries and wine regions, covering from the traditional to lesser-known regions, exhibiting tens of thousands of fine wines. National and regional pavilions are organized by official institutions and associations of various countries. Include Italy, Spain Top Wines, Wines of Chile, Spectacular South Africa, Wines of Portugal, Cantina San Marino, DOCa Rioja and Yantai,China.


Quality Wineries And Brands


In addition to the national pavilions, Wine to Asia, will also have high quality wineries and brands, with the exhibitors covering the new wine-world countries such as China, Argentina, Chile, New Zealand, Brazil and old wine-world countries such as France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Greece, Slovenia, Austria, etc.

Vina Errazuriz, Huailai Cofco Great Wall Sanggan, Henkell Freixenet, Casa Vinicola Sartori, Pasqua Vigneti e Cantine, Babich Wines, and South Africa Artist Winery have already confirmed their attendance.

Spirits And Ready-to-drink Beverages Area

To meet the continued demand for spirits and ready-to-drink beverages, Wine to Asia will launch a dedicated section featuring spirits, beers, sake, ready-to-drink beverages from producers around the world, and related services as well.

Living Wine, Only For Natural Wine

Natural wine is undoubtedly attracting more and more attention in the industry and consumer market. “What is natural wine?” is a hot topic cross the world in recent years. The Living Wine Natural Wine Area created by Wine to Asia is dedicated to bringing the most authentic natural wines to the Asian market. It has attracted the attention of thousands of visitors and industry professionals since the first exhibition in 2020.

The design concept of Living Wine is by the concept of wine’s “Wood” likes each grape vine has its own uniqueness, connecting the soil to the grape.

In 2022, nearly 30 natural wineries and importers from Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu and Chongqing, will bring hundreds of natural wines to the show. The wine region will cover France, Italy, Spain, New Zealand, China, Greece, Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland and other countries.

International Keynote Speaker At Wine To Asia


Our International Special Guest – Ian D’Agata Masterclasses


Wine to Asia 2022 will be honored to have Ian D’Agata present two special masterclasses, with the theme dedicated to Chile and Italy to show the perspective by in-depth analysis.

Ian D’Agata is the world’s leading wine critic, and Editor-in-Chief of TerroirSense Wine Review and Chief Scientific Officer of TasteSpirits. He has been writing and educating about wines for over thirty years. His two most recent, award winning books Native Wine Grapes of Italy and Italy’s Native Wine Grape Terroirs (both published by University of California Press) are widely viewed as the “state of the art” textbooks on the subject.


High Quality Masterclasses

In addition to Ian D’Agata’s masterclasses, Wine to Asia 2022 will also have more than 20 winery owners (such as Judy Chen, Shanxi Grace Vineyard owner, Peng Shuai, Domaine des Arômes owner), Master of Wine, Master Sommeliers, winemakers and other industry influential guests and relevant experts. More than 30 masterclasses and tastings for the promotion of high-quality brands and wine regions, covering China, Chile, Spain, Brazil, Germany, Greece, Italy, San Marino, South Africa, Slovenia, France and other wine producing countries and wine regions.

Special Features


Taste The Difference

As a special planning section of Wine to Asia, Taste The Difference will present in the form of masterclass area, business lounge and guest sommelier tasting.

Coffee Cocktail Experience Lounge

Among the special features at Wine to Asia, the Coffee Cocktail Experience Lounge will be an innovation and cross-border area, bringing visitors a “multi-dimensional” surprise Experience from sight, smell to taste.

Coffee cocktails have a long history, including the Irish Coffee Cocktail and Espresso Martini. When pure coffee is combined with innovative and delicious cocktails, a wave of fashion is coming.

Wine to Asia 2022 specially invited De-Longhi and Charlie’s created by Hope and Sesame, which ranked 15th in Asia’s top 50 bars, jointly launched a special crossover combination area: Coffee Cocktail Experience Lounge, fusion of Coffee, spirits, wine elements.

Master Lab

Designed by the founder of World Marselan Day, Jim Boyce will invite the famous winemaker Tong Lili to create the Master Lab as a feature area at Wine to Asia, to experience a hands-on Marselan blending class.

Women In Wine & Spirits Award

Since Wine to Asia started partnership with the Women in Wine & Spirits Award in 2020, we have worked together in many different areas, such as industry forums and roundtable forums. In 2022, WINWSA will also attend and bring wonderful activities.

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